Thursday, December 31, 2020

Coyer Seasons : FALL: Sign Up & Update Post

It's time for FALL Reading! I have exceeded my Goodreads goal for the year and I hope to tackle my TBR pile over the next few months . To learn more about Coyer visit  HERE

SUMMER READING TIME! I'm excited to get a lot of reading done this summer! I have already met my goodreads goals for the year so my focus this summer is on Arcs! Learn more about Coyer HERE

Time For Coyer Spring!! This time all format of books are eligible so I should get a lot more books linked up! To learn more about Coyer go HERE

The Coyer community saved my sanity. Days after being laid  off last year Coyer started a Quarantine edition that keep me focused and connected. Now it's time for new adventures in 2021
First up is Winter Sessions. I will be extending the Christmas spirit buy reading a bunch of Holiday romance freebies. 

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