Review: From A Certain POV: Empire Strikes Back by Various

A year ago before the world changed, I attended an amazing Author signing at Star Wars Celebration Chicago. Ten authors who had contributed to From A Certain Point of view volume one signed and chatted with fans of the anthology. 

I immediately began hoping for a sequel to the book focused on the Empire Strikes Back( I even asked Del Rey about the possibility on twitter!). And now the second volume of the series is here. One of the first things that struck me about this volume is the number of new "voices" are writing stories for the book and how many of the writers were women an Women of Color. 

Anthologies like this are a great platform for writers from other genres to dip into the Franchise.This volume has 40 stories and each of them reflect a lot on the elements of what make Empire such a fan favorite film, but we also get to see what parts of the saga personally connect to the individual authors.Tracy Deonn , the author of Legendborn gives us new insight into the cave on Dagobah. We get to see some insights into the events on Hoth,  and Martha Wells takes us back to Bespin, as does Alexander Freed.

 Cavan Scott brings us some fun with Jaxxon a fan favorite from the EU . And The Whills Strike back thanks to another story of the escapades of the Narrator of the Saga by Tom Angleberger. That's just a small sampling of the amazing stories in this volume . It's a great book to take your time with and of course you will want to watch The Empire Strikes back soon after reading. I also suggest the audio version of this book because the cast is Epic!


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