Monday, February 22, 2021

Star Wars Book Chat Day 21: SW High Republic Adventures Issue 1


This is one of the most anticipated High Republic books on my list! I've been fascinated with  Lula since I first saw her concept art, and this issue solidified my love for her. The High Republic has done a tremendous job of bringing readers up to speed no matter what part of the galaxy you choose to engage in. So if you haven't read any of the novels yet don't feel like you will be confused about the events in this comic.

Lula and her fellow padawans are aboard their Academic Cruiser The Star Hopper, when the are directed to help the residents of Trymant IV that is in danger because of recent galactic events. Lula is our anchor in this story and Zeen Miala a resident of Trymant, is an informational source about this new planet.

Zeen's culture teaches young ones to fear the Force and those who wield it. Zeen however has a secret and in this first issue it is revealed to her friends and family in the worst possible way.

I love this books cast! There are a lot of characters including  Yoda and Master Torban Buck who is on the road to being a fan favorite. The representation in this book is so stellar it brought me to tears. I loved how the narrative and art take the reader on an entertaining ride that is immersed in all the things fans love about Star Wars. There is also some interesting revelations about the Nihil and their potential allies. A great start to the series, I'm so excited to see how this story develops.

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