Sunday, February 28, 2021

SW Book Chat Day 24: SW The High Republic Issue 2 by Scott Anindito, & Morales

There is something about Sskeer that has made him an instant favorite for me. In this issue he is traveling with newly promoted Jedi Knight and two twin padawans to answer a distress call. When the group boards a ship to check for life signs the see the grisly remains of a Nihl attack. The art combines well with this story to create  a creepy atmosphere. Through the midst of this we see that something is going on with Sskeer, he is reliving events from either the past or a vision of the future. Keeve is sensing the problems with Sskeer but has no time to address them as the group land on a planet near the attack and find more danger. 

This was such a solid issue that has me counting the days to the next issue. The High Republic comics continue to stay within the major events of the first arc but also build deeper connections with the characters as we get to know them.

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