Wednesday, April 7, 2021

SW Book Chat Day 25: Darth Vader: Dark Heart of the Sith by Pak, Enco & Menon

Here is the thing. As someone who reads Star Wars comics and books I'm prone to a bit of eye rolling when it comes to once again seeing new Darth Vader content. So I didn't rush to buy this new series. Even when I heard the rumblings of how great it was and how many prequel trilogy characters turned up. The first collection of this series is now available on Comixology so I devoured it. The story is very solid and I loved the deep dive into Padme and Amakins past as well as validating the faith many had in Padme. There is also a spunky Forensic droid that helps Vader track down the people who hid Luke from him. Gorgeous art and a solid first arc.

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