Monday, August 30, 2021

SW Book Chat 35 : Get Ready for Tempest Runner

In a few Days (8/31) Tempest Runner releases on Audible! This is the third Star Wars audio drama for the new canon Star Wars and the first for the High Republic. So here is a little bit of info to get you ready:

No, you HAVEN'T missed a book. Many people struggle with audio books but an audio drama is completely different so give it a chance. I got the opportunity to listen to this drama early and it has a terrific voice cast as well as a wonderful immersive feel with music and sound effects. It is possible that the script for this drama will be collected into book format, but no announcement has been made at this time so sign up for an Audible trial or get it from your local library if you aren't sure if you want to purchase it.

Timeline Details : The most asked question I see among the virtual book communities is in what order do you read the High Republic. The authors and publishers generally agree on release order but since the books are released in waves versus numbered series there is often some confusion. I have found the High Republic books to be extremely new reader friendly. I waited a bit to long to order a copy of Light of the Jedi and while waiting I read Into the Dark without any confusion. But for those who like specifics Tempest Runner is set during the aftermath of The Nihil's  attack on the Republic Fair on Valo. 

If you have finished Scott's The Rising Storm you will be fine to read this book. Even if you haven't finished the book you should still be okay with this experience. At it's heart this story is a character arc of the very fascinating Lourna Dee.

If you have consumed the first arc of the High Republic comics you will have some really enjoyable moments in this story but even if you haven't the character interactions and connections aren't confusing. 

So get your earbuds ready for an amazing adventure!


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