Holiday Self-Care 2021

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I haven't blogged in quite awhile, I also haven't forced myself to which is a what self-care is all about. As we enter a new holiday season I wanted to share some tips on how to keep you health, both emotionally and physically balanced through the first holiday season in awhile where we will potentially be in large gatherings.


I always start my holiday planning Thanksgiving week , it's the key to actual succeeding. I discovered a way to do this from a list I found in a wellness magazine.  The First step is to make a Wellness Wish list, its a brainstorming page for everything I want to do. 

The second Step is to schedule a few or all the activities on my December Schedule, follow up by immediately ordering any supplies or book the appointments with the service professional you want to see.

You can also repeat this process for January so you can start your year off right.

Celebrate Your Accomplishments 

I recently discovered the concept of the Ta-da! List. This is a prompt for the end of the day where you acknowledge the things you accomplished. This list has really helped me because I have been struggling with focus the last few months. Writing down things like making my bed, going to , work, cleaning and even shopping help me realize I actually am accomplishing something day to day.


The supply list for your self-care will vary per person. For me its candles, tea, a special mug, beauty masks and seasonal decorations, and books of course. This year I also hit up all my favorite retail shops early to get cozy pajamas and holiday gifts. I wan't to limit as much time in stores as possible so I also started my holiday cards early.  

Aromatherapy is also a great way to keep yourself relaxed. Try a new scent this year along with your favorites. I always recommend Blue Tansy which is a lovely scent that helps enhance communication and personal well being.

I hope you have a relaxing Holiday season , Check out my self-care essentials  at  and share yours with me using the tag #HolidaySelfCare   


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