Friday, September 13, 2019

Tandem Review : Lois Lane Issues 2 & 3

Lois Lane (2019-) #2

Creators: Rucka, Perkins, Mounts

Lois Lane (2019-) #3

My space for comics is limited but there are certain books that I find MUST be bought in physical form. Lois Lane is one of those books. Lois is a fan favorite character that is being handled by a masterful writer and artistic team.

Issue 2 shows Lois still dealing with the fallout of her much publicized kiss with Superman. Clark is deeply bothered by the grilling the press is giving her but Lois is steadfast that she can handle it and  that Clark must keep his identity secret. 

The rest of the issue is devoted to Lois and Montoya talking about a recent murder and how her investigation should proceed. I LOVED the banter between Lois and Renee. I could read a whole series of them just meeting at coffee shops talking about the world. Their meeting is caught abruptly short by an attack.

In issue 3 we see the aftermath of the attack of the previous issue along with a focus on Montoya encountering an old friend. I like the pace of this story. Investigations take time and life happens in between those times. An for Lois life always includes Superman.  Rucka really "gets" why Lois and Clark work. He gives fans of the couple multiple sweet scenes in this issue. I might of sighed in pleasure a few times during them.

Both these issues were solid reads and have me looking forward to issue 4.

Review: Age Of Resistance: General Hux

Star Wars: Age Of Resistance - General Hux (2019) #1

Creators: Taylor, Kirk, Hamscher, GURU-eFX, Lanham

One of the most interesting things about the characters in the sequel trilogy is the sympathy that has been generated for both Hux and Kylo Ren. Hux and Kylo have both been victims of abuse and manipulation. 

This issue opens with a scene showing some of the psychological abuse Hux was subjected to as a young boy. It then fast forwards to Hux waking up in the rubble of a crashed ship. 

Hux is rescued by Kylo and the two find themselves marooned on a seeming deserted planet. The two quickly resume their relationship of mutual dislike and insulting banner.

The two are forced to work together in battling some strange beasts. Then while Kylo is unconscious from an encounter with the Beast an old man comes out and converses with Hux. The man is a survivor from Alderaan and Hux smoothly manipulates him by revealing Kylo's parentage. This manipulation gets him access to a communications array and a rescue from Phasma. 

Hux's actions after being rescued are brutal and entirely unnecessary. I loved seeing that aspect of Hux because though he experienced abuse in his past his actions in the present are HIS. I'm so fascinated to see the end of Hux's journey in The Rise Of Skywalker.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Review: Star Wars Adventures Annual 2019

Star Wars Adventures Annual 2019

Creators: Cavan Scott, Mauricet, Charlie Kirchoff, Tom B. Long, Pierrick Colinet, Elsa Charretier, Margaux Saltel

                                 Comedy and Heart are at the core of this years annual. 

First up we get Jaxxon and Lando teaming up in a post ROTJ adventure to rescue a Chancellor from a situation with some Imperial remnants.  I adored  Jaxxon in this story and he is a perfect fit for the type of stories SW Adventures loves to tell. 

The second story So Much More, is a beautiful celebration of the two women who are the foundation of Princess Leia's existence and strength. In this story a very young Leia has escaped her nanny droid and finds her mother sitting in a garden by a large statue. The image on the gray stone is of Queen Amidala . As Leia sits on Queen Breha's lap she hears the story of Padme's life. I loved this story so much and really connected to the part where Breha tells Leia she may not remember this story but that she hopes she holds onto the "image and feeling"  of what she was just told. This story can actually give a possible explanation for Leia being able to give some impressions of her mother. This story brought tears to my eyes. Its such a beautiful celebration of Leia and her mothers, its a must for fans of the women in the galaxy.

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