Saturday, November 25, 2017

Review: COCO Junior Novelization

I was really curious about the plot points of the upcoming film so I snapped up an ARC of this book. I didn't really enjoy this. I don't think that means the movie won't be good, but instead it doesn't seem to capture the heart of the film.  It did give the entire plot of the film which has a startling twist I didn't see coming.

There are also some really nice illustrations from the film in this book as well.

So my final verdict of this book would be that musicals don't adapt very well. This would be a nice book to read to children after they have seen the film.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Road To The Last Jedi: The Lure Of Canto Bight

 Since the Vanity Fair pictures were released I've been a bit obsessed with Canto Bight. Mostly it's because of this picture showing some fierce women of color:

Canto Bight has been described as the Monaco of the Star Wars Universe. It's a place of high stakes gambling and excess. This will also be the place where we meet Laura Dern's character Admiral Holdo:

I'm so excited to learn more about the Canto society, though we have seen the riches of Coruscant, it has mostly been through a political filter. With Canto Bight it seems we will meet a culture whose wealth possibly isolates them from the larger galactic events.

Merchandise is also showing us more of the Canto Bight, like this awesome Finn Pop in his Imperial disguise he wears while on Canto Bight and a look at the guards of the gilded city and the ships they drive:

And Last but not least is a book with 4 novellas giving readers a loot at some of the characters and their lives:

One of these characters is a massuse !

I'm so excited to learn more about this locale.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017: Thoughts on Gratitude and Abundance


Happy Thanksgiving!! I have spent several weeks thinking about Gratitude, especially since I had a very rough couple of months. I asked and received help and have become the better for it.

in recent weeks I found myself feeling hopeful about my ability to manifest good in my life and I found myself saying "THANK YOU. MORE PLEASE. It took me awhile to figure out where that phrase came from and I recently discovered it was a part of the title from this 2010 indie film:

I've adapted the phrase to my own mantra of sorts. Thank You is an acknowledgement of the good that happens everyday in my life. And there is always something if I take the time to look: A compliment, a tip from a client, walking into a store and finding a nice treat or a new product. 

The MORE PLEASE, reminds me to as for what I want. And a reminder that asking for things docent always equate greediness.

And I've recently had Alanis's song Thank You on a lop for weeks!

             I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!