Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Today's Star Wars 64: Star Wars Celebration Wrap Up: 2 Book Adventures

Booth Photo courtesy of Del Rey Star Wars Twitter

My first indication that everything book related at Celebration Chicago was going to be a success, was the fact that I couldn't get a good picture of the book during the whole convention. Thanks to the social media team at Del Rey I do have the above picture to share.

My first goal Thursday at the convention  was to get a wristband for the special edition of Claudia Gray's Master & Apprentice:

Tickets for these books went fast! I was very fortunate to get a copy, the booth also sold out of the regular editions twice! Demand for books and author signings was high and the Del Rey staff handled it spectacularly. No matter how busy the booth was the staff was always friendly and informed on events.

Use The #BookJedi Readers!

I was really intrigued  by the new feature that debuted  at Celebration: Book Jedi. The quiz was presented on several digital devices, and readers answered various questions to help pick their reading paths:

After the quiz you were given a sampler book and a bookmark that matches the result of your quiz:
My results defined me as a Rebel Reader, and the bookmarks had a list of suggested books on the back, all ones I've read and enjoyed.

Panels, Announcements, & Signings

The author lineup at Celebration Chicago was a combination of fan favorite,and rising stars like Justina Ireland and Zoraida Cordova. As far as new info panel attendees got a little tease of an untitled book by Justina that involves "stormtroopers and the falcon", more Vader's Castle comics from Cavan Scott and IDW publishing and the mysterious Project Luminous. All the panels were full of book lovers and the very first panel on Friday was at capacity! 




Though I had schedule conflicts for most of the signings I did score a ticket to one of the best ones of the event! A ten author signing for A Certain Point of View anthology. Ten fantastic authors interacted with fans at this event: John Jackson Miller,  Claudia Gray,  Zoraida Cordova, Delilah S. Dawson, Daniel Jose Older, Cavan Scott,  Jason Fry, Alexander Freed, Charles Soule, E. K. Johnston


This signing was one of the best things about my celebration trip! I also got a chance to listen to a sample from this audio experience:

The part I listened to contained dialogue from Ventress and Dooku and it sounds incredible!!

I'm Definitely buying this one! I also enjoyed connecting with other book fans, the Force is strong with Star Wars books and readers and there is so much to look forward to this year and in 2020.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Today's Star Wars 63: Star Wars Celebration Wrap Up 1: Plushies

Star Wars Celebration was such a whirlwind week! i managed to get almost all the things on my wishlist and I actually made it into the celebration store! Here are some of the great plush goodness they had on sale and my personal collection at the end. Check out the Reed Pop store in the next two weeks to see if any remaining plushes are for sale online HERE

Saturday, April 6, 2019

24 Hour Reaathon Kick-Off Post

Getting a late start but I'm reading!  Learn more about 24 Hour Readathon Here.  Kickoff Questions:

1) What fine part of the world are your reading from:

Los Angeles, California

2) Which Books In Your Stacks are You Looking Forward To Reading:
Elevation by Stephen King

3) What Snack are you looking forward too: m&m 's 

4) Tell us a little about yourself:

I love comics!

5) If You participated in the last readathon name one thing you will do different:

I will be ok with reading less time this year