Sunday, September 16, 2018

RIPXIII Review: The Call of Cthulhu

H. P. Lovecraft has been woven into the fabric of horror and suspense since he was published in the 1920's.  He also revealed himself as racist and xenophobic as a person and in his fiction. As a horror fan I've seen many threads of Lovecraft lore threaded throughout many of my favorite books and movies and just recently decided to dive into the mythos of Cthulhu. Their are varying opinions on where to start with the Cthulhu mythos but I decided to start with Call:

I was immediately drawn into the story. It was interesting listening to the narrator go from a place of innocence to a abscessed, stricken character.  Step by step we watch the clues being revealed to a darker hidden world that few know about and even fewer return from.

There are a lot of slow bits in this story, but their are also passages that evoke a dark elegance that is a joy to fans of suspense and horror. 

There are genuine moments where a reader can be captured under the spell of Lovecraft's use of atmosphere and language. I'm looking forward to diving into more stories. I'll admit to cringing a bit at the blatant racism to certain characters that reflect Lovecraft's philosophies but I was able to overcome it. I got my E-book for free so I feel ok about reading and reviewing his works, their is talent in his works that can be enjoyed, even if his worldview doesn't align with mine.

RIPXIII Review: Jughead The Hunger

 Creators: Frank Tieri,Michale Walsh, Pat & Tim Kennedy Joe Eisma, Bob Smith, Jack Morelli

This series is in the same horror format of the series Afterlife With Archie, where the creators take traditional Archie characters and lace them in horror situations. 

As the title entails it's Jughead's turn as series lead as he is bitten by a werewolf and starts ripping his friends and foes to shreds! Betty is a surprise in this series as readers find out she has a secret she is keeping from her friends.

The art is the star of this volume. The pages drip with dark Gothic atmosphere and blood. Lots of blood!

It's really interesting seeing how this series unfolds. I read the first collected volumes. So far the series has  issues available on the Library digital app Hoopla. Check it out!

Female Figures: Zam Wesell Attack Of The Clones

Many Star Wars fans have experienced a Dark Time in their collecting. Though I have seen all of the Star Wars films on the big screen, and was a part of the crowd that snapped up tons of  The Phantom Menace, by the time Attack of The Clones came around I wasn't collecting as much. 

Attack is my favorite prequel film and Zam Wesell was a character that really stood out to me. So I was really excited to find this figure on Amazon for $13.00 Bucks!

In it's original box:

Zam is a highly detailed 12 inch figure. The outfit is gorgeous and has all of the design highlights from the screen version:

 There is also an easily added additional face sculpt showcasing Zam's true alien form.

I really love this figure. I wish she came with a stand because despite several tries, I can't get her to stand up without help.  I think I will be hunting down more of the figures from this line, especially the Jango Fett figure.