Monday, November 12, 2018

Review: Han Solo Imperial Cadet Issue 1

Creators : Robbie Thompson, Leonard Kirk, Arif Prianto

I loved Solo: A Star Wars Story. There was one part that I wish would have been more explored, Han's time as a cadet in the Imperial Academy. 


This mini-series fills that void. The opening pages are a recap of the opening events of the Solo movie, up until his separation from his friend Q'ira.

Of course Han's time in basic training is a disaster and his attitude problems though  charming aren't making him any friends with his fellow cadets or his superiors.

We do get to see Han fulfill a dream of flight that crashes pretty quickly, really crashes! 

I enjoyed the art in this issue and look forward to seeing what other mishaps are on tap for Han as an Imperial.

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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Review: Star Wars Adventures Destroyer Down Issue 1

Scott Beatty, Darek Charm, Jon Sommariva, Tom B. Long

I have really been enjoying IDW's Star Wars Adventures and this two part story takes us back to Jakku. In Destroyer Down we see Rey and the other scavengers called together by Unkar Plutt to be directed to a big score: The Ghost Ship.

This Ship is the stuff of rumors on Jukku. Various stories surround its owners and the treasures within.

Rey sets off  and is the first one to step inside to discover it's mysteries.

This was a nice story. I enjoyed the supporting  cast and even Counselor Zuvio had a nice cameo.

The second story in this book is titled "The Ghost Ship There and Then"  In this story we learn the Ghost Ship is actually called The Spectral  and we see it involved in an attack with some Rebel fighters. 

This was a really intriguing start to the story and I'm looking forward to reading the second part. 

I'm looking forward to the next issue in this series