Monday, January 21, 2019

Today's Star Wars:21 Tam: The Good, The Struggle & The Hope

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After a few minutes into Star Wars Resistance  it was clear that this show was aimed for a younger demographic. Which is OK. For Star Wars to thrive new generations must make it their own. I stuck with the show because it's blend of diverse characters and anime style animation.

I felt an immediate love for Tam, but as the episodes of season one began to unfold I began having some issues with Tam's character.

The Good

Tam is a skilled mechanic, a natural leader and a woman of color. Resistance does a great job with Tam right up until she meets Kaz in the pilot episode.

The Struggle
Tam's boss Yeager agrees to take Kaz into his employ without letting anyone else at the shop know that he is an undercover spy. Bonus points: Kaz has absolutely no training as a mechanic or a Spy, and because  of an offhand comment Kaz gets to take the Fireball( a ship Tam has been fixing with the understanding that she would be the first to fly it) on a race.

These factors lead to Tam being angry. Very angry. ALL THE TIME. Every episode Tam continues to only offer anger at the situation and towards Kaz. Her anger makes Kaz even more klutzy, and for me personally it takes a lot of enjoyment out of the show.

Now I know some will say it's only a kids show, but to me that makes it even more important that writers avoid stereotypical traps, like locking Tam into the "angry black woman" stereotype. Tam's best moments are when she and Kaz are apart. And though Yeager does pay Kaz less than the other members of Team Fireball ,when Tam tries to confront him about Kaz he pretty much brushes her off.

It's frustrating watching Tam locked into one mode for most of this initial season. Especially when we see Yeager settle a deep divide with his brother in a single episode.

The Hope

In the latest episode Dangerous Business we actually see Kaz do something really nice for Tam. He does some repairs on the Fireball after damaging it on a ride. He even acknowledges to Tam that he knows she wants her fair share of time with the ship. This is a huge moment for the two and hopefully puts the show on the path to making Tam a more well rounded character. Star Wars animation has a great track record with representation and I want this to continue with Resistance.


Sunday, January 20, 2019

Today's Star Wars 20: SW Resistance Action Figures

I'm shocked to be honest. I walked into my local target and found BRAND NEW Star Wars figures on the pegs!

The resistance figures look great, It's also cool that there are two female figures in the first wave. The price on the two packs is more then individual figures but I'm going to have to pay the price to have Bucket. Here are some of the figures and the nice packaging:

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Commander Pyre 3.75 inch action figure

Review: Young Justice Issue 1 by Bendis, Gleason & Sanchez

Young Justice #1
Last year at Wondercon Anaheim DC comics shared info about various new initiatives , one of them was Wonder Comics a series of books targeting young readers. Comic book  companies have tried to crack the code to young comic readers hearts and this book has all the hallmarks that will engage new readers and existing fans.
There isn't a direct correlation to the new Young Justice series on the DC Universe streaming service but it does feature some recognizable characters that have graced the show and some interesting new ones (new to me like Jinny Hex).
The main link to this initial story is to Princess Amethyst, and Gemworld  which is discovering that the actions on Earth are directly linked to problems in their world. So of course they plan some aggressive negotiations in Metropolis. This attack forges a new team of young heroes together and kicks off this stellar new series. 
I enjoyed this book so much! It was fun, has a very diverse cast of heroes and Impulse who is such a fun sweet addition to this book and who else would take the time to rescue turtles and snakes during a superhero attack?!
The art is so fantastic, beautiful splash pages and panels full of kinetic energy. This is also a book that really showcases how much lettering adds to the comic reading experience. 
I'm so excited to see how this book unfolds.